Mobile Ready Websites!

People access the Internet from multiple devices and locations. Whether you’re in the comfort of your home, at the office, or walking through the grocery store, you can connect with the Web from virtually any place and at anytime.

If you’re a small businesses you have dozens of battles to fight on a daily basis. Do you need to worry about one more like mobile Websites? After all, won’t a regular website work on a mobile phone?

mobile-readyFirst off, the mobile Web is the place to be. According to Experian, 87 percent of Americans have mobile phones. Custom research from Human Factors International (HFI) found that 43% of consumers use their browser to access the Internet on their phone.

And, again according to HFI, 68% of consumers said that if they knew a business had a “made-for-mobile” version, they would prefer to visit that instead of seeing the standard “desktop” website on a mobile phone.

Analyst firm Gartner recently reported, in 2011, 85% of new handsets (not including smartphones like iPhones and Android) will be able to access the mobile Web. With that level of growing audience (and potential customers) the mobile Web can broaden your client base significantly without much effort.

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