WordPress Website Design Options

WordPress website design is a popular blogging tool and content management system. Some of the features include the ability to use plug-ins, widgets, templates and themes.

Plug-ins are appreciated by both web developers and users alike because they expand upon the base install. Currently, there are over 22,000 plugins available for use with the tool serving a variety of purposes. Practically anything you want to do can be done using a plugin.

Widgets allow developers to implement even more functionality to the websites. Widgets consist of small modules that may be used to incorporate a slideshow, a like box for Facebook and for many other things.

Templates are part of the content management system. Templates can be used to allow multiple pages of the same website, or of different websites owned by the same company, to have the same look. There are thousands of templates available for WordPress website design.

Themes are another feature of the tool. By using themes, bloggers or website owners can change the appearance of their pages without changing the content. For example, you might want to change the appearance on a seasonal basis while still offering the same product line.

The tool makes use of the PHP scripting language and the MySQL database management system. Both PHP and MySQL are open source, which means that designers can use them freely without paying licensing fees. Individuals can also use open source tools but without any designing or coding experience, the process is difficult. Designers who make use of open source tools can offer their services for more affordable prices.

For people who currently have websites or blogs created using the WordPress website design tool, there is the option to upgrade. Like most software, different versions of the tool have been released. Websites and blogs that were created with the older versions may have less functionality or even an older look. Designers can help with the upgrading process.

One thing that has been added is the ability to have multiple blogs with a single installation. This is called WP multi-user or MU. WPMU makes it possible for websites to host blogging communities. One of the advantages is that bloggers add content and websites with the most content get the best search engine rankings.

A professional designer can help you with a new blog or site, as well as an older one that needs an upgrade. If you want to get the most out of WordPress website design tools, talk to a professional.

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